Re – Story Exhibition

At the beginning of setting up the exhibition we made a last minute decision to create a more abstract installation using twigs and branches. We went back to the idea of having wooden tipis but more varied in size and the way they were placed. During the exhibition set up, we all went to Chapelfield park and collected a lot of twigs and started to figure out what to do with the given space we had. Over the course of a week of setting it up we had a few ideas along the way, which we tried them out and made lots of mess, which made the area feel more wild and rustic, from carving sticks into spears to dipping parts into red paint to signify blood.


We wanted to portray type of scene/ representation of the story. We wanted to also leave it for the viewer to decide what it means. When people looked at it, they guessed straight away that it was based on lord of the flies. I think this is because it looked very natural, rural and intimidating. What I got from it was that the tipis not only represented a settlement, but also a group of children that were maybe walking through a forest, as they almost looked like moving figures. Some were dipped in red paint to describe how the children became impure and scarred from the island. Another observation was that the sticks have been put together and sharpened into spears and placed in an orderly fashion to give an indication that it was someones territory. We then added lights to create shadows on the wall. This gave the installation a more dramatic and eerie effect.