Reflective Summary (BA2a)



The Murderers – Final Pages

The first image is the front cover of the book. I wanted have the front of the pub placed on the front of book and all of the drawings of the pub are placed inside, so that it gives you the feeling of opening up, going through and looking inside this place. The second image will be the inside page for both ends of the book.

These are the images that will be put in the book and are put in order from start to finish. I wanted to start and end the book’s pages with images that remind us of what the pub is like in the present day, but also contains elements that could portray violence and sadness with the use of red and white colour as well as textured pattern, like the rest of the pages. Parts of the book contain dialogue that I drew over myself just emphasise the historical events. I did this to hopefully make the pages seem more immersive and give a sense that their memories are still there, almost as if the voices and events haunt the pages.

Experimentation and layering

I started to play around with the drawings that I had gathered, by photocopying them on acetate and tracing paper, then putting them on top of other ones. I also started to play around with colours and gradients in Photoshop. I chose to limit the colours to dark and light, as well as red. The reason I did this is because I didn’t want too many colours to overwhelm or distract yourself from the actual image. Instead I chose very striking and contrasted colours so that it emphasizes the shock and horror that is contained within the work. This will eventually become a book or booklet. Even though it will contain pages that are very serious, I still want it to include things that you see in the pub during the present day, and how that compares or contrasts to events within the pub history.

The Murderers/Gardener’s Arms pub drawings

These are all the drawings that I drew on site. I tried to drawing different things for different reasons, like trying to capture what to place looked like, drawing the types of people that visit the pub and trying to find out new information. In a way I tried to record as many aspects of the pub as I could at the time. Even though it was a pub that was filled with different types of weapons, photos of many famous murderers and old interior, it still had a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Project 4 – The Murderers Pub

My final decision was to focus my project on The Murderers Pub as it was easily accessible to come in, take photos, and draw things inside. I first looked on their website and found out that the reason why The Gardener’s Arms had been given the new name The Murderers, is because back in 1895 an ex-cavalryman murdered his wife named Mildred, who had lived with her mother in the public-house. This plaque that I took a photo of sums up the event fairly well.


When I focused more on the surroundings I found a couple of interesting things.



I found this hanging on an archway just above where the bar stand is. A tool called a ‘bung picker’ that was given to the pub on loan from the Woodforde’s Brewery. The writing says ‘This bung picker’s tool is similar to that used by Frank Miles, on his attack & murder of his wife, Mildred Miles, in June 1895.’ This seems very likely as it says in the newspaper that Frank Miles was employed at a place called Morgan’s Brewery.

When I read the archived newspaper article online, it said that the night before the murder, he had also threw an object called an earthenware match stand at his wife’s head but missed. From what I’ve read, it seems that Frank Miles was a very violent and angry person. You can also tell that he instantly regretted his actions based on the evidence in the newspaper, saying that he turned himself in immediately to the police afterwards. I highlighted most of the spoken words of that were recalled throughout the duration of the murder. I then put them in order to form more of a narrative, plus I thought it could be used later with future work and references.


I have put a file link to the newspaper I found on the website here as the writing is too small and impossible to read as a blog picture.


Project 4 – Reportage and Documentary

At first I decided it would be a good idea to base my project on the same topic as my editorial report, Black Shuck. I think it would be exciting to travel to the places where the dog has been sighted as well where the events occurred that began the folklore.

As well as this I have found something else that is very interesting, the history behind The Murderers pub in Norwich, which used to be called The Gardeners Arms. I am mainly focused on the earliest history of the building, which is where the pub had got inspiration from their name ‘The Murderers’. I have had a look on their website and found old news paper articles from the late 1800s about a murder that happened in the place that is now a pub. Luckily there was a newspaper piece for everything that happened in that time of the murder, which was in my eyes, like a small timeline/narrative of events. The only skepticism I have about this subject is that there might not be enough subject matter for me to work with, as it was only based on one thing that happened in one month of a specific year. This might change once I try to look into it further.

murder5 – Downloaded PDF of the first newspaper article of the murder