Penguin Award Competition – Research

After coming up with a few thumbnail sketches and ideas, I had a better idea of what images I wanted to find for references. I began to look at things like crime investigations and files of finger prints, which links to identity and character.

 I really like the layout and typography of the finger print file and photos. maybe it is an idea that I can expand on.

Editorial Report – Type up

leeam-curtis-editorial-report– Editorial Report

Image found from a BBC article, The terrifying story of the ‘hell hound’ By Katy Prickett

I decided to do my editorial report on the notorious ‘Black Shuck’, folklore on a mysterious ghost dog that is known to be sighted all over East anglia, but mainly Bungay and Blythburgh. This report contains found research on the folklore and history, as well as recent news and discoveries that could relate to the dog. I chose this topic because I thought it was quite relevant and interesting to me because of how close by the events are to Norwich.

Links and references:

Leiston: Are these the bones of devil dog, Black Shuck?

Martin Newell’s Joy of Essex: Black Shuck is the hell-hound legend that won’t lie down

The Land of the Green Man – I.B Tauris – page 87