Spot Illustrations and Research

These are the thumbnail sketches that started, which are of some ink drawings that I had made then edited afterwards. For research I looked at more graphical cartoon type work, mainly because of their boldness and simplicity. I first looked at an artist named Alex Gamsu Jenkins. What I like most about Alex’s work is the colour he uses as well as the use of marks and line work. I also very much like the way things are drawn and how the bodies are often changed or abstracted to tell a story or convey a feeling, which may inspire me for future projects. Similar artists that I can think of are Robert Crumb and Steve Girard, whose work is often grotesque but definitely creates a bigger impact.

Alex Gamsu Jenkins – Website


I tried carrying one of my thumbnail ideas further by making a quick ink drawing on paper, trying to make it more detailed but I don’t think it worked very well. The reason for this I think is because it isn’t clear enough despite trying really hard to show what is actually in the picture.

I then started to create simple ink drawings that symbolise the events of the article – Man V Rat. With these drawings, I wanted to show a clear message that the rat problem is a human problem, which is explained further in the article.

I had also played around with texture by taking photos of rubbish and then using them to fill in the images, which makes them look more interesting.


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