Second Workshop – 17/3/17

For the second lesson we made small sculptures out of paper and 3-D materials to gives us a better sense of what could be used as possible spot illustrations. These were mainly based on a story called Thirteen Hundred Rats, by T. Coraghessan Boyle. This gives us a better visualization of what work could be produced and generate ideas, which we probably wouldn’t have come up with when using pen on paper. Once we as groups made our 3-D forms, we played around with shadow and lighting, using torches from our phones, a member of our group also created a cage like sculpture that worked really well as a back drop and a great way to create interesting shadows. Different shadows and lighting gave off different moods and atmospheres, especially when the light was focused on a particular object when another object was in the background that could maybe suggest importance of something, or the past and the present. Some backgrounds worked out well too because of the combination of colours.




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