The Murderers – Final Pages

The first image is the front cover of the book. I wanted have the front of the pub placed on the front of book and all of the drawings of the pub are placed inside, so that it gives you the feeling of opening up, going through and looking inside this place. The second image will be the inside page for both ends of the book.

These are the images that will be put in the book and are put in order from start to finish. I wanted to start and end the book’s pages with images that remind us of what the pub is like in the present day, but also contains elements that could portray violence and sadness with the use of red and white colour as well as textured pattern, like the rest of the pages. Parts of the book contain dialogue that I drew over myself just emphasise the historical events. I did this to hopefully make the pages seem more immersive and give a sense that their memories are still there, almost as if the voices and events haunt the pages.


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