Project 4 – Reportage and Documentary

At first I decided it would be a good idea to base my project on the same topic as my editorial report, Black Shuck. I think it would be exciting to travel to the places where the dog has been sighted as well where the events occurred that began the folklore.

As well as this I have found something else that is very interesting, the history behind The Murderers pub in Norwich, which used to be called The Gardeners Arms. I am mainly focused on the earliest history of the building, which is where the pub had got inspiration from their name ‘The Murderers’. I have had a look on their website and found old news paper articles from the late 1800s about a murder that happened in the place that is now a pub. Luckily there was a newspaper piece for everything that happened in that time of the murder, which was in my eyes, like a small timeline/narrative of events. The only skepticism I have about this subject is that there might not be enough subject matter for me to work with, as it was only based on one thing that happened in one month of a specific year. This might change once I try to look into it further.

murder5 – Downloaded PDF of the first newspaper article of the murder



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