3/11/16 – 10/11/16 Task 4 – Duration, Interaction, Action

We were thinking about how we could come up with something interactive, so we brainstormed and thought of completely different ideas to what we were going for in the last few tasks. For this task one of our group members researched the work of an artist called  Takashi Kuribayashi who creates enormous installations. One of which was an installation of a forest that was completely white, and had a floor with holes that people could look through when they walk underneath. We had a similar concept idea but instead of the trees, there would be floating corpse like ghosts that represent the children that were perhaps lost or dead in the book. In the end, we got feedback from other students and tutors saying that our other ideas were maybe stronger and that our previous work generated more ideas to develop from and experiment with.

Wald aus Wald (Forest from Forest), Takashi Kuribayashi
“Wald aus Wald” – Takashi Kuribayashi – Saved from designboom.com

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