2/11/16 – Text, Script and Sound

For this task we decided to make a 3 minute film that was to be projected onto a wall display. The display had text and paper cut outs that would create shadows on the wall. This is what the display looked like.


The paper cut outs are shapes of objects from the book like the pig’s head, the conch and other stuff. I think we wanted to make the display to look quite chaotic, which describes the book perfectly. Behind the shapes we put up posters to do with war and newspapers with headlines that related to war and conflict. The reason we did this is because not only was there conflict in the book, it was written in 1954 and the book was set during a fictional atomic war.

Film stills –

Final Video – film link

In this film we decided to each create a segment of moving images to be edited into one film. The reason why we did this is so that we could all create films that portray different stages of the book so that it would all come together as a narrative based film, but is more abstract and atmospheric. The whole film is in black and white to give a sense of the time the story was set in. Same idea goes for the sounds that were put into the film, to give a sense of danger, isolation and chaos. Our previous task where we experimented with sound and lighting had inspired us hugely to create this installation.


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