Narrative Illustration – Final Designs

These were my first final designs for a front cover of the book. I knew that I had still wanted to keep the front cover colourful and have a graphical, handmade look to it. As well as this, I still knew that I wanted to include symbols and objects that represent a character instead of revealing the actual characters.

I had managed to get some feedback on my illustrations and they thought that there was so much going on that it drew attention away from certain things in the cover, so I began to try and narrow it down a bit and these were what I came up with.

book-cover-42 book-cover-design1

I thought that this image looked much better but it didn’t look like a front cover, even with text added to it. I think it was something about the composition and how each smaller image had straight edges that had to align otherwise it wouldn’t look right. I then chose a different illustration to try and turn into a cover and eventually picked the one next to it. It took a while to get the type right and how it should be positioned, here are a few that I thought worked the strongest.

These are the other illustrations that I came up with that were developed from previous workshops and idea sketches. I’m quite happy with how they turned out and glad that I used colour but also balanced with light and dark as well as making it so there isn’t too much going on. These illustrations are in order of the narrative of the book.


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