27/10/16 – Task 2 table top tableau

For our second task, we set up the tableau from ideas that were discussed in the group to see how it looked. The ideas that we had were to have a start, a middle and an ending of a narrative sequence. From the start we had white coloured children’s clothes the we thought could portray innocence and on the other end we had another item of clothing that was the colour red, which portrays the children’s loss of innocence and corruption at the end of the book. In the middle was a hut made out of nature which had a mirror for the viewer to look into and had noises of a pig squealing coming from within. These were early ideas that were made which can be explored and developed further through future discussions as a group.



For this particular lesson, we played around with light and different angles. What we really liked the idea of was having a light shun at one end of the tableau and having it dark at the other end of the table to also explain how dark the story gets. What we also really liked was how the light changed colour when we put a pink sheet of paper over it, which changes the mood of the piece completely.


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