21/10/16 -First Lesson of project 2 – Experimental forms

For the first lesson of project 2, we were put into groups to do visual research on a book that we were given. Our given book was Lord of the Flies. Through reading the sample of the book, we had discovered that the description was strong in colour, texture, sound atmosphere and light. We thought that these descriptions were expressing aggressive and negative feelings which, as we know that the book is a dark tale, foreshadows what is going to happen in the story. We looked at what happened in the book and tried to describe the events through the beginning, middle and end with things that can also describe the mood and overwhelming, vivid descriptions.


Our aim was to describe the narrative by making the beginning of the table progress into something that goes out of control, just like the book did. We did this using twigs to describe the children and how some of them survived and grew bigger but also how some died and things becoming more chaotic. We also made trails with tape to describe the mood and story changing using words and colour that was drawn over the top. As well as that we aligned some crayons at the at one end of the table to portray the children at the beginning of the book.


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