Ideas and artist research

The small pictures that I made are a continuation of experimenting with collage. What I think worked well was smearing blue and white paint together to create water like textures and then cutting them out into water drop shapes and wave shapes, I did a similar thing with other collage pieces, but with different media. I used lots of colour because I wanted to represent the vibrant colours of Indian culture. I found a few images on Pinterest that could describe this as well as be used for references for other ideas.


With this being said, the actual story is quite dark and depressing, so maybe my next step is to create a contrast of light and dark or create something that has balanced or limited colour. What I also think works well is the combination of symbols and objects that relate to the story but hopefully not giving too much away.

As well as this, I took some time to find some artists that had inspired me to create these experimented images, especially David Shillinglaw and Jean-Michel Basquiat. This is found inside the word document that I attached –  artist-research





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