BA3a – Research and Developement

From the start of this project, I had discovered that I wanted to base my practice on comics and loosely base it on my report. To begin with I started to draw comics that were based on everyday life and the ordinary. The Mezzanine by Nicholson Baker was a good starting point to encourage me to draw and think about what to show in these comic panels. It made me think about what was worth showing and what wasn’t.


Project Presentations

After attending show showing presentations, being given my critical feedback, I managed to narrow my subject down and make it more specific. I had been encouraged to base my report and my practice on wordless novels and silent stories. This can be seen by looking at Frans Masereel’s woodcut prints that are sequenced to create silent story.

Image result for frans masereel a passionate journey

Reportage and ideas

I began to draw from my surroundings, but I think the real form of reportage can be seen in my comic strip final outcomes. With this being said the drawing were beneficial and did create new ideas. It made me think about my structure and placement of drawings on a page.



Final Outcomes

These are all small comic strips that do not relate to each other at all. Although it is possible to create story out of them. The fourth image is based on a short story called ‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver. The story is about a mans wife who invites her friend to stay over for the night because the friend is visiting his wife’s family after her passing away. The whole point of the story is that the woman’s husband is not fond of the idea of him staying over because of his prejudices against him being blind. Later on in the story, the blind man opens the husband up and helps him become a more open minded understanding person by putting him in his shoes.



Exhibition and Workshop

Here are the pictures of the development and preparation of our workshop and exhibition. For the workshop, we printed rat silhouettes onto postcards so that people can come along and customize it in anyway they like, then they are able to post it to anyone they know which shows the idea of spread information as well as describe the infestation of rats. We wanted to do something with a simple concept but just as enjoyable and meaningful. One of our group members had also created a small note that was well written and informed what our workshop was about in a clear and precise way. This was also a great way to interact with other people, students and lecturers.


For our exhibited work (top middle), our groups work had to be matching colours so we all chose to print them as black and white onto light blue paper. We did this because each of our work is so different in terms of not only colour, but has different uses of medium and tone as well.


Spot Illustrations and Research

These are the thumbnail sketches that started, which are of some ink drawings that I had made then edited afterwards. For research I looked at more graphical cartoon type work, mainly because of their boldness and simplicity. I first looked at an artist named Alex Gamsu Jenkins. What I like most about Alex’s work is the colour he uses as well as the use of marks and line work. I also very much like the way things are drawn and how the bodies are often changed or abstracted to tell a story or convey a feeling, which may inspire me for future projects. Similar artists that I can think of are Robert Crumb and Steve Girard, whose work is often grotesque but definitely creates a bigger impact.

Alex Gamsu Jenkins – Website


I tried carrying one of my thumbnail ideas further by making a quick ink drawing on paper, trying to make it more detailed but I don’t think it worked very well. The reason for this I think is because it isn’t clear enough despite trying really hard to show what is actually in the picture.

I then started to create simple ink drawings that symbolise the events of the article – Man V Rat. With these drawings, I wanted to show a clear message that the rat problem is a human problem, which is explained further in the article.

I had also played around with texture by taking photos of rubbish and then using them to fill in the images, which makes them look more interesting.